Sunrise and Sunset—In the way of beauty

I need to go back through my Pinterest files and see who and how they said it, but I read once that every day we have the chance to put ourselves in the way of beauty—sunset. Unless that person had a particular affinity for the nighttime then following that logic, we really have two chances each day to put ourselves in the way of beauty—sunrise and sunset. Both have become incredibly special to me almost miraculous and healing. Time completely leaves me and I often end up late to work because I was watching the light get higher and higher, energized by new possibly but also captive to the scene unfolding in front of me. In the evening, I frequently head into the house covered in mosquito bites with an empty wine glass in hand.

Most people would probably look at this time as indulgent, silly, and a waste of time. Regardless, several times a week something catches my eye drawing me back to my porch. One my heart’s greatest pleasures is watching the world wake-up and go to sleep. Each have such a palpable and distinct energy that feels wild and raw. In a world full of fluorescent lighting, filters, and artificial everything my cells crave those fleeting moments of wild and raw (Eden)

These bookends to my day change the anatomy of my brain and heart. The thing is, I do not always sit and watch the world in wonder. Yes, nature and animals enthrall me. Yet, I frequently spend my days complaining to my friends that I have to look at a screen all day for work while compulsively checking different apps on another screen. I get pissed off while I am driving. Usually because I am such an incompetent driver or because someone would not just turn already! I refuse to walk to lunch because I don’t want my make-up to melt off and I spend a significant amount of time planning what outfits I’m going to wear, when I’m going to get my nails done next, and asking people if my roots are showing yet. I say that just to point out that I am not some Zen yoga master who sits intentionally on her porch for four hours a day and then goes to serve quinoa and kale to the homeless. I am often sarcastic, superficial, and even sometimes borderline angsty. Yet, despite all of that, these bookends are touchpoints. Putting myself in the way of beauty rewires my brain and gets me back to my best self—wild and raw— like the Eden that I dream about or the swallows that I watch.

I do not know about you but I want to find as many ways that I can to put myself in the way of beauty. I want to find ways to build it into my day.  I want beauty to run straight into me at every turn because any way that I can get back to that best (the intended) version of myself instead of that road rage, phone-checking self is a good thing.

So 3 cheers for putting yourself in the way of beauty—whatever that looks like for you.


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